A majority of us at some point of our life, have come across situations where we would have found it difficult to put a meal on the table for us or our family. We would have definitely appreciated any temporary support to secure our meals while we tackle the temporary challenge and work towards turning our life around.

The founders of Urban Tummy are no different and have personally gone through this phase in their life. Apart from this, they have seen the same situation in several geographies globally, prompting them to look for a solution that can be deployed regionally.

#UnitedMeal is an attempt by Urban Tummy to facilitate a community led approach to solve an individual/families hunger needs, when they need this the most and cannot afford the same. Our community chefs globally list at least 1 affordable meal every month to support their community members. A user has to simply signup, select the dish under #UnitedMeal and checkout to have access to quality food at affordable price.

In the past, some our our UnitedMeal users in the platform include:

  • Single earning family members who have temporarily lost jobs and are financially finding it difficult to feed themselves and their children/family members.
  • Low income group households looking at saving their primary income while ensuring their children have access to quality food.
  • Migrant workers who have recently lost jobs and looking at having access to daily food